Halle Berry Heated Over Kim Kardashian Dating Her Ex!!!

Halle Berry is not too happy about reality star Kim Kardashian dating her daughters father Gabriel. Reportedly, the academy award winning actress does not approve of Gabriel dating a younger woman and also the fact that Kimme’s is always in the spotlight and has a porno past. Here is what a source close to the actress reportedly tells Star magazine about her ex and Kim Kardashian’s relationship.

Halle’s alleged feelings about 34 year old Gabriel dating 30 year old Kim Kardashian

“She was always worried that Gabriel was too young, but he insisted he wasn’t attracted to women who were younger than him. Now Halle wonders if he was lying and that she was too old for him all along!” Star’s snoop adds. “Halle thought she was the best thing that ever happened to Gabriel, but now he’s moved on to a much younger, more popular star and it freaks her out.”

Halle reportedly doesn’t know why Kim Kardashian is famous and doesn’t approve of her porno past

“Halle has problems with Kim’s porno past. She doesn’t even get why Kim is famous,”chuckles a Berry blab. (Join the club, Toots!) “Halle considers herself to be a classy actress and she can’t believe Gabriel would go out with a girl like Kim — a reality star who was friends with Paris Hilton.”


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