Battle Of The Groupies Part III: Kat Stacks Versus Tranny Sidney Star

Here we go again. More of the coonery buffonery. Now, Kat Stacks is going at it with the  Hip Hop Tranny Sidney Star. Man, I am so tired of these whores trying to become famous, but hey I must admit it is somewhat entertaining. Check out the video of the two battling it out. Whose … Continue reading

Mario Attacked Mother & Sound Guy: Is He Developing Roid Rage?

R&B singer Mario was arrested this week for brutally attacking his mother Shawntia Hardaway. The R&B singer allegedly pushed his mother who is a, former heroin addict, down twice and nearly pushed her eight feet into the living room wall. Mario’s mom then called police and he was charged with second-degree assault and later he … Continue reading

Carmelo Anthony & La La Go In On Kat Stacks BK Style: Sorry You’re Not Breaking Up This Happy Home!!!

Just when you thought our fav skank Kat Stacks’ 15 minutes of fame was up, she releases a video exposing Soulja Boy and then tries to holla at Carmelo Anthony. Dimewars reported that on Sunday at 3am, Kat Stacks sent a racy tweet to Carmelo Anthony who recently married LaLa Vasquez. Vasquez then responded with … Continue reading

Paris Hilton Tells Police That She Thought The Cocaine Was Gum: What Are You Doing You’re Rich B*tch???

As you all know, this weekend Las Vegas police busted Paris Hilton for possession of controlled substance and her boyfriend Cy Waits for DUI. However, you may not know that Paris told police that she thought the cocaine was gum. People reported, Paris Hilton had an explanation for Las Vegas police when a little white … Continue reading

The Dream: Can He Get Out Of This One???

I hate to say it, but The Dream is definitely on my bad list right now. reported, pictures were leaked of him and his assistant Melissa Marie getting a little to close on the beach in the Caribbeans this weekend. Didn’t you just get married and you have a new baby girl? I’m disgusted … Continue reading

Beyonce No Longer Speaking To Her Dad Because He Doesn’t Listen To Her Songs???

Beyonce is refusing to speak to her dad and manager, Matthew Knowles, after the allegations that he had an 18-month affair with 38-year-old Alexsandra Wrighta and DNA tests confirmed he’d fathered her son, Nixon. It’s been reported by, that Matthew fathered a child with 38-year-old Alexsandra Wrighta while he was married to Tina Knowles. … Continue reading

Natalie Nunn Versus Kat Stacks: Battle Of The Groupies Part II

Well, it looks like after allegedly Fabolous and Bow Wow’s people ran up on Kat Stacks during the Memorial Day Weekend down in Miami, she finally released a statement on about the following while sporting a t-shirt and hat with the popular website’s name. In the statement, Kat Stacks also went in on Bad … Continue reading

Is Mike (The Situation) Situation Really Valtrex?

Last week, the creator of MTV’s Jersey Shore mentioned that her crew hands out Valtrex like “M&Ms”. However, when asked at the MTV Movie Awards about the creator’s statement, Mike “The Situation” seemed to be a little shocked. Check out the video: Okay. What did Mike say? “Really? I did not even hear that. What … Continue reading

Sandra Kisses Scarlett: Is She Switching Teams?

Okay. So, did you see Sandra Bullock kiss Scarlett Johansson on the MTV Movie Awards? Man, she really tongued Scarlett down. This wasn’t no grandma kiss, this was a I haven’t seen my baby in a couple of weeks, and I am ready to get it in kiss… Lol. Scarlett couldn’t do nothing else, but … Continue reading

Lindsay Lohan Not Linda Lovelace: Is Her Career Really Over?

Lindsay Lohan’s leading role as Linda Lovelace is not a done deal.