Lil Wayne & Drake Fight Over Singer Shanell???

Rumors have been circulating, that the beef between Lil Wayne and Drake happened because Lil Wayne feels that Drake doesn’t respect him and also reportedly because Drake slept with Shanell, who was allegedly one of Wayne’s girls. Honestly, speaking I never heard that Lil Wayne was dating Shanell, but hey I could see it. Also, … Continue reading

Karina Pasian Speaks About Auditioning For Jay-Z, Performing @ The White House, Meeting George Bush & More! [Part 1]

Karina Pasian is a Grammy award nominated singer and pianist, who is making a name for herself in the music industry. At the age of 13, Karina was the subject of a bidding war between Def Jam, Interscope, and Bad Boy, and in the summer of 2006 the singer signed to Def Jam. Shortly after … Continue reading

Keri Hilson Fires Back @ Karina Pasian For Talking Trash About Her Video + Behind The Scenes!!!

Keri Hilson is getting a lot of negative feedback for her video “The Way You Love Me” for it’s oversexed content, but today Miss Keri fired back at young up-and-comer Karina Pasian for comments she made on twitter about the video. Here is Karina’s response to Keri Hilson’s video, Keri’s response back, and the behind … Continue reading

Lil Kim Fires Shots Back @ Nicki Minaj In Nicki’s Hometown In Queens!!!

All hail the Queen. Lil Kim is back and says that she will rip Nicki Minaj apart with just her old rhymes alone. Here is the video with the Queen Bee firing shots back at Nicki Minaj in Nicki’s hometown Queens…

Rihanna Shuts Taylor Momsen Down & Gets Waxed Out!!!

Taylor Momsen is not feeling Rihanna’s style and thinks that she is a wannabe. Splash New Online reported that Rihanna bit back hard after Taylor Momsen broke out the claws calling the pop star a “wannabe rock chick” and her choice of dress “annoying.” According to sources, RiRi “did not take kindly to a 17-year-old making … Continue reading

Carmelo Anthony & La La Go In On Kat Stacks BK Style: Sorry You’re Not Breaking Up This Happy Home!!!

Just when you thought our fav skank Kat Stacks’ 15 minutes of fame was up, she releases a video exposing Soulja Boy and then tries to holla at Carmelo Anthony. Dimewars reported that on Sunday at 3am, Kat Stacks sent a racy tweet to Carmelo Anthony who recently married LaLa Vasquez. Vasquez then responded with … Continue reading

The Complete Track List of the New 50 Cent vs. Diddy Beef!!!

What would the diss tracks between 50 Cent and Diddy be titled?

Is Lil Kim Afraid Of Losing Her Throne To Nicki Minaj?

Does Lil Kim fear that Nicki Minaj will destroy the legacy she worked so hard to create?

Monica & Brandy Officially Squash the Beef!

Monica and Brandy talk about squashing their beef and working together.