Diddy Sweet On Jersey Shore’s Sammi!!! (Can He Get The Business)

Rumors have been circulating that the mogul and multi-millionaire Sean “Diddy” Combs aka Mr. Ciroc himself, is sweet on Jersey Shore’s top Guidette Sammi. Word is that Diddy ran into the Guidette at a fashion event and called out “I love Jersey Shore. I’ve been thinking about you.” In addition, sources are saying that he … Continue reading

Snooki Says That Obama Has To Stop Lying!!!

Snooki is pissed at Obama for saying that he had no idea who Snooki was in his interview onThe View. Perez Hilton posted that sources stated that Snooki said, “I know he knows who I am. Why did he have to lie and say he didn’t know me? He did say Snooki and JWoww about … Continue reading

Snooki’s Arrest Staged By Jersey Shore Producers Or Was She Just Wasted???

TMZ reported yesterday that Snooki from MTV’s Jersey Shore, was arrested for disorderly conduct in Seaside Heights, NJ. However, rumors are circulating that the arrest may have been staged, because MTV camera’s were there to record the arrest. Check out some of the photos from yesterday leading up to the arrest and let me know … Continue reading

Could You Ever See The Cast Of Jersey Shore Working In Corporate America???

Well, our fav Guidos and Guidettes made a visit to the New York Stock Exchange yesterday. Check out some of the photos from their visit. It’s a little funny seeing the cast all dressed up in corporate attire. What do you think? Could you ever see any of the cast members working in corporate america??? … Continue reading

Red Carpet Photos: Jersey Shore Soundtrack Release Party!!!

Jersey Shore had a release party for the Soundtrack at Marquee on July 13, 2010 in New York City. Check out some of my fav photos from the red carpet. Also, JWoww and Sammi are looking amazing!!! I don’t know. Who do you think is the hottest Jersey Shore girl?

Jersey Shore Cast Posing In Seaside Heights!!!

The cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore was spotted posing together for a Rolling Stone Magazine photo shoot in Seaside Heights, N.J. Check out some of the photos courtesy of justjared.buzznet.com of our favorite guidos and guidettes.

Is Mike (The Situation) Situation Really Valtrex?

Last week, the creator of MTV’s Jersey Shore mentioned that her crew hands out Valtrex like “M&Ms”. However, when asked at the MTV Movie Awards about the creator’s statement, Mike “The Situation” seemed to be a little shocked. Check out the video: Okay. What did Mike say? “Really? I did not even hear that. What … Continue reading

MTV’s “Jersey Shore” Cast Replaced?

Jersey Shore Cast Being Replaced For 3rd Season

Snooki Jumping Girls in the VIP!

Snooki from Jersey Shore keeps it gangsta!