Nicki Minaj: The Highest First Week Sales For A Female Rapper Since Lauryn Hill!!!

I guess Nicki has officially earned her titled as the Bestest, the Pink Friday Barbie racked in the highest sales for a female rapper in a decade since Lauryn Hill’s solo album The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill in 1998. Nicki was so excited about the numbers she called in to MTV to show her appreciation. Here … Continue reading

Nicki Minaj “The New Queen Of Hip Hop” Says Rolling Stone: What Do You Think?

Nicki Minaj has won over the likes of Rolling Stone magazine. In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, the prestige music magazine deems Nicki as being the “Queen of Hip Hop”. Now, I know that Nicki has created a big buzz, but do you think the Pink Friday Barbie deserves the title of Queen. I … Continue reading

Lil Kim – Black Friday (Nicki Minaj Diss Song) [Music]

I’m pretty sure you guys have heard Lil Kim’s diss track back to Nicki Minaj by now.  If not then take a listen below and let us know who you think is winning the battle right now.  At this point I would say Nicki won the first round but the fight ain’t over until all … Continue reading

Lil Kim Sounds Off On Nicki Minaj: “I Got A Grammy, I Got Number One’s Sweety”

Lil Kim is pissed off about the comments Nicki Minaj made during her interview with Angie Martinez and the Queen Bee responded to her in an interview with H8terade Radio. Here is what she had to say: “That was cute for her,” Kim said in a small voice. “Bitches like her do shit like that. … Continue reading

Nicki Minaj Goes In On Lil Kim Hardcore: “When I See Your Name On Billboards That’s When I Will Respond To You!” [Ladies Can We End This]

Nicki Minaj went in on Lil Kim for over six minutes in an interview on Hot 97. In the interview, she talks about Lil Kim beefing with other females such as Foxy Brown, Ms. Wallace, Eve, and more. Also, she calls out the Queen Bee by saying, “When I see your name on billboards that’s … Continue reading

Lil Kim Fires Shots Back @ Nicki Minaj In Nicki’s Hometown In Queens!!!

All hail the Queen. Lil Kim is back and says that she will rip Nicki Minaj apart with just her old rhymes alone. Here is the video with the Queen Bee firing shots back at Nicki Minaj in Nicki’s hometown Queens…

Lil Kim Out On The Town Dressed As A Sexy Kitty Kat!!!

Lil’ Kim attended and performed at the Yoni Goldberg’s 6th Annual Halloween Party at Good Units in New York City. The Queen Bee was spotted flossing a sexy kitty kat costume for the event. Here are some of the photos that were captured of Kimme. What do you think? Is she looking good?

More Pics: Lil Kim’s Sexy Kontrol Magazine Shoot

Lil Kim aka Queen Bee is covering the new issue of Kontrol magazine and is looking hot. The cover for the new issue was released last week, but now we have more photos for you from the spread. Shout out to LilKimFanClub for the Pics


Looks like Lil Kim is continuing on with her comeback.  Check out her verse on the remix to Usher’s Hot Toddy.

Foxy Brown On Team Nicki Minaj!!!

Foxy Brown Squashes Talk Of Beef W/Nicki Minaj,…, posted with vodpod