Beware: Hip Hop Groupie Tranny Sidney Starr Admits To Tricking Lil Wayne Into Sleeping With Her & Tells All!

All I’m saying is men beware of Tranny’s on the loose not being honest about their situation. Yes. Our number 2 Hip Hop groupie/attention-whore Sidney Star is on the loose again and this time she is trying to come at Lil Wayne, coincidentally right after he is released from jail. Oh Brother. Can we deport her … Continue reading

Mariah Carey Confirms That She Is Pregnant On The Today Show!!!

After much speculation and a lot of unanswered questions, about Mariah’s recent weight gain and weird behavior. Mariah Carey went on The Today Show, to confirm that her and hubby Nick Cannon are expecting a child. Yeah!!! Congrats to the happy couple. I’m so happy that she finally came forward, because all of these rumors and … Continue reading

The Dream’s Mistress Showed No Remorse When Confronted By Christina Milian!!!

The Dream‘s mistress Melissa Santiago showed no remorse, when Christina Milian sent her an email about her relationship with The Dream. It looks like right after the pics surfaced with The Dream and his mistress all hugged up on the beach, Christina Milian sent an email to ex-friend and The Dream’s mistress Melissa. In the … Continue reading

Amber Rose and Lauren London Both Pregnant??? [Who’s The Daddy]

Rumors are circulating that model Amber Rose and actress Lauren London might both be pregnant. Don’t worry it’s not by Lil Wayne, but sources are saying that Amber Rose might be pregnant by alleged boy toy Fabolous and Lauren London might be pregnant by Trey Songz. This hasn’t been confirmed, but the speculation is growing  for … Continue reading

Mariah Carey Takes A Mean Fall At Concert In Singapore!!!

Mariah Carey Spotted Not Looking Pregnant!!!

Mariah Carey was spotted yesterday in LAX not looking pregnant. What do you think is it the dress or did she just gain some weight previously? Here were the photos of her posted previously, where many were assuming that she was. Let me know what you think.

Mariah Carey Is Soooooo Pregnant!!!

Mariah Carey performed in Brazil and confirmed that she is definitely pregnant. Come on Mariah!!! How long did you think that you could hide this from us??? I wonder how many months she is. What do you think? Smoochies Fee Fee

Alicia Keys Still Showing Off The Baby Bump In A Bikini & Queen Latifah Hug Up With Beau!!!

Yes. Alicia Keys shows off her baby bump again in a tiny Bikini off the coast of France and guess who was hanging out with her? Queen Latifah and her longtime rumored beau Jeanette Jenkins. I hope this means that Queen Latifah is coming out of the closet. It’s about time. Check out some of … Continue reading

Alicia Keys Shows Off Pregnant Body In Bikini!!! (Hot Or Not?)

So, after a beautiful wedding Alicia Keys decides to lay out in the sun and show off her pregnant body in a bikini. I think Alicia Keys is a very beautiful girl and pregnant or not, she always manages to look amazing. Check out the photo and let me know what you think. Hot or … Continue reading

Alicia Keys Mommy To Be Takes A Fall At The Essence Music Festival!!!

Smoochies Fee Fee